House & Pet Sitting

Going away for business or pleasure? Why not have your furry friend cared for in the comfort of their own home.

Many animals find boarding establishments extremely stressful, as they do not receive the love, attention and cuddles they are use to in a family home. Carly's Pet & Equine Services offer this specialised service just for you.


We provide alternative arrangements for pets when you go away, and give you total peace of mind by providing a trustworthy, experienced and reliable pet sitting and house sitting service.


Carly's Pet & Equine Services can live in your property to ensure security and peace of mind in your absence. We will care for your pets, feed them at their usual times, groom them and most importantly we will give them lots of love and cuddles whilst you are away.


Prices start from £30 per night, get in contact for a personalised quote.